work in progress

Works in Progress

Here is a peek at some things I'm working on in my studio. I found some wooden eggs at Michaels back in May that were on clearance. I offered to paint simple portraits on them as a special for anyone who is subscribed to my newsletter. I am also working on a special project, for fun, working on a series of portraits of 48 of my lady friends and family who I admire. I will be posting one a month starting in January 2017. 

Creature Collaboration - A painting in progress

Whenever I am working on a project I always have left over bits of paint. Instead of letting those final droplets go to waste I added water and threw them on a canvas, layer by layer over several months. This was a great exercise for loosening up as most of my art is very controlled and detailed. It was fun to just let something emerge from the chaos. 

Six photos illustrating the progress of the painting.
Creature Collaboration - completed gouache painting on canvas

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